Monday, November 2, 2009

The cost of wedding flowers

I'm happy to report that R & I kept the entire budget for our recent wedding under $3000. Considering that anything under $10,000 is a "budget" wedding, I think we did pretty well ... and we didn’t even really have to sacrifice anything we wanted.

One of the biggest expenses was actually the flowers. I went with a small local florist and I paid over $90 just for my bouquet, which was orange lilies with some roses and crocosmia mixed in. It was gorgeous, and I loved the colors, but I think I could have found something cheaper and just as pretty if I had ordered off a web site like They have beautiful bouquets of lilies for a fraction of what I paid, plus they can do corsages and boutonnieres also.

I'm very happy with the way everything turned out, but I think I could have saved some money on the flowers if I had shopped around a little more!