Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Mother's Day gift ideas

With Mother's Day just a few weeks away, many retailers are advertising Mothers Day sales and specials. I always try to think of something unique yet useful to give for Mothers Day. Bath products and flowers are always good gift options, but for something even more memorable, considering a gift that will allow you to spend time with your mother and engage in a special project together.

Plants are a great option for Mothers Day gifts that, with proper care, will be a lasting reminder of your thoughtfulness on Mother's Day. Flowering potted plants can brighten up a home all spring. Or, if your mother enjoys gardening, you can give her a flowering plant that she can transplant into her garden. Perennials will come back year after year and be a beautiful addition to your mother’s permanent garden. Considering starting a tradition of building a garden with your mother and adding to it every year. The act of engaging in a special project together will be a gift that is more memorable and valuable to your mother than any gift you could buy.