Wednesday, May 4, 2011

"Pawn Stars" Is Fun And Interesting Reality Television

Guest post written by Derick Burks

One of the best shows I watch on satellite TV from Cannon Satellite.

Gold and Silver Pawn looks at an endless variety of items that people bring into their shop. Everything from hot air ballons to dinosaur bones are items that people want to make money from. The pawn shop relies on its pool of experts to help them determine the true value of the items. Viewers get to find out lots of interesting facts about unique items, but the show is also interesting because the family who owns the shop presents a unique cast of characters. Gold and Silver Pawn is run by "Old Man" who is the father, and his sons, who like all siblings, have completely different personalities from each other. The folks who come into the shop to sell or pawn things also add to the show's fascinating cast because of their huge variety of both personalities and reactions. The interactions between the pawn shops's owners and the public-at-large spans a wider range of emotions than one can see in years, much less one half hour of reality television!