Thursday, January 22, 2009

My New Favorite Holiday

The other day as R and I were cooking dinner, the subject of Valentine's Day came up. I asked him what we were going to to for the holiday and he told me not to worry about it.

"That's my job," he said.

It's kind of strange to think that this will be our second Valentine's Day together. I've never spent two Valentine's Days with anyone before, so that in itself is exciting. And I know whatever we do, it will be great. Last year he bought me a dozen roses and took me out for sushi. (Yeah, he's good.)

A couple of days later, I noticed that he had written down some of his recent credit card purchases on the white board in his kitchen. One of them "Roses - $60." I couldn't believe it. I told him, seriously, that he shouldn't have spent the money. Of course, I appreciated the gesture (and I still have the dried flowers), but I told him that was just too much money. He wouldn't hear of it.

"It was Valentine's Day. You have to have red roses on Valentine's Day."

Later, he admitted that he had waited until the last minute and bought them at a pricey flower shop. I hope this year he plans ahead and does some comparison shopping. I'm sure online retailers like 1-800-flowers are already running specials. I love that he was thoughtful enough to buy me flowers, but I don't want him spending a lot of money needlessly.

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